Stock Photography & Footage

Sue has built an extensive image library over the last 20 years from all over the world, including rare animal behaviour (killer whales hunting gray whales, polar bears hunting beluga whales), a beautiful portfolio of emperor penguins, people, wildlife and scenery in the Arctic and Antarctic material, and travel imagery from Japan, Kamchatka, The Kurils, South Pacific, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Argentina.

Sue and her business partner, wildlife cameraman Doug Allan, also have an impressive HD stock footage library, in particular a wide range of humpback and calf material from Tonga (as seen in the BBC/Discovery series 'Planet Earth'), and material from the Antarctic, North Pole, and Africa.

Subjects Include:

  • North Pole and Russian icebreakers
  • Polar bears
  • Emperor Penguins at all stages of their life cycle including underwater
  • Belugas in the Canadian Arctic
  • Almost all the seals from both the Arctic and Antarctic, underwater and topside.
  • African wildlife
  • Camerapeople in action
  • Primates - including mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees
  • More icebergs and snow than you'd know what to do with...

Sue's stills are handled by:

Getty Images

Nature Picture Library ...BC NHU Picture library)

Sue and Doug's stock footage is handled by:

Getty Images

BBC Motion Gallery